Excellent condition, includes original power supply and box. $300.

From Sweetwater:

With the Behringer K-2 semi-modular synthesizer, you’ll tap into a classic analog synth design with serious patchability. The all-analog signal path includes fat-sounding oscillators (with four variable wave shapes), vibrant and aggressive analog filters, and snappy analog envelope generators. With its semi-modular design, the K-2 is ready to play right out of the box — no complex patching required (though it’s definitely recommended!), just connect it to your controller or sequencer via MIDI or USB. With 36 dedicated knobs for hands-on control and the option to Poly Chain up to 16 modules to create a monster polyphonic analog synth rig, the Behringer K-2 semi-modular synthesizer represents big creative potential.

Note: The Behringer K-2 uses the historically accurate Hertz per Volt (Hz/V) convention rather than the One Volt Per Octave (1V/oct) convention standard to Eurorack. Hz/V will scale pitch voltage dramatically differently than 1V/oct and is not compatible in the traditional sense. Non-pitched Hz/V control voltages like LFOs and envelopes may be used with Eurorack and other 1V/oct devices but may behave in unexpected ways. Care should be taken to prevent damage when using these two different formats!

Synthesists at Sweetwater were pleased to see two distinct filter modes on the K-2 — this synth module is a re-creation of the classic MS-20 synthesizer, which featured different filter types over the years. The K-2’s filter modes represent the first and second generation of filters found on the original synths, giving you two distinct flavors of filtering ranging from smooth and liquidy to harsh and resonant.

As a single-voice analog synth with dual oscillators, dual filters, external audio input, and a ton of patch points, the K-2 synth module represents big value on its own. And with support for up to 16 voices in Poly Chain mode, you can keep adding modules to your rig to add more sonic potential. Simply connect each K-2 module to the previous module’s Poly Chain output to add another synth voice.

The Behringer K-2 module is a sweet synth using its hard-wired signal path, but it really shines when you start experimenting with its numerous patch points. Synthesists at Sweetwater will attest to the seemingly endless sounds that can be created using the K-2’s patch matrix — it is certain to inspire sonic exploration! Plus, with 36 dedicated controls for hands-on tweaking, the K-2 offers a fun and interactive playing experience.

  • Semi-modular synth with all-analog signal path
  • Dual oscillators feature four variable wave shapes, with variable pulse width and ring modulation
  • Dedicated triangle/square wave LFO
  • Highpass/Lowpass filter section with two modes for sonic variety
  • Snappy analog envelope generators for VCF and VCA
  • Combine up to 16 modules for 16-voice polyphonic operation via Poly Chain mode
  • Module can be mounted in a standard Eurorack case
  • 36 dedicated controls for hands-on sound shaping
  • Comprehensive control via USB/MIDI