Excellent condition, original power supply and box, version 3 firmware update. $280.

From Sweetwater:

Arturia’s MicroFreak synth is an affordable hybrid hardware synth with wavetable and digital oscillators, analog filters, a modulation matrix, an unconventional but highly expressive touch plate — and tons of sonic possibilities. MicroFreak’s powerful digital oscillator features a palette of unique modes such as Texturer, KarplusStrong, Harmonic OSC, and Superwave. From adventurous newbies to experienced synthesists, the MicroFreak enables you to explore new sonic frontiers.

Arturia partnered with renowned Eurorack manufacturer Mutable Instruments to include their acclaimed Plaits wavetable oscillator with added 4-voice paraphony. The Arturia MicroFreak is an extremely versatile little beast that can sound sweet, deep, hypnotic, chaotic, or volcanic. Whatever sounds you can dream up, MicroFreak is up to the task. And MicroFreak lets you work fast, too, with advanced features like real-time sequence creation and randomization.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried MicroFreak’s etched touch plate. It’s caused a sensation among Sweetwater keyboardists who, on the whole, find it more natural and expressive than a conventional keyboard. The touch plate is pressure sensitive and even offers polyphonic aftertouch — pretty amazing at this price point, we might add. While its price makes it the perfect unique sonic complement to any budget home electronic music setup, the Arturia MicroFreak’s uniqueness also makes it a no-brainer addition to professional live and studio synth rigs. Pros will find it useful as an experimental sound design tool, much in the same way Eurorack modules are used.

MicroFreak’s digital oscillator is the ideal tool to craft entirely new categories of sounds, while its analog filter delivers the warmth and punch you’re looking for. MicroFreak can store up to 256 presets, so inspiration is never more than a button press away. Innovative synthesis is Arturia’s raison d’être. And MicroFreak lives up to the company’s sterling reputation.

The MicroFreak is an incredibly value-packed synthesizer that’s like no other, batting well above its price point. Electronic music producers and rock bands will love using the Arturia MicroFreak to generate unusual textures. Sweetwater is confident in saying the MicroFreak will add a refreshing flare of sonic unpredictability to your live shows and more.

  • Wavetable and digital oscillators
  • Analog filters
  • Massive variety of sound possibilities
  • Poly-aftertouch flat “touch plate” keyboard
  • Arpeggiator and sequencer
  • 160 factory presets and 256 total preset slots
  • Crystal-clear OLED screen
  • 5 x 7 modulation matrix
  • Paraphonic mode