Actual DX7s
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The Yamaha DX7s, is the newest member of the growing family of FM digital synthesizers from Yamaha. Using the industry-standard DX7 as its starting point, the DX7s offers a number of important new features, such as improved sound quality, additional FM features, new performance options, and improved controls.

Stereo Effects

The Pan parameters not only let the user determine the position of voices in the stereo field according to key touch or when part of the keyboard is played, but also create various special effects such as automatic panning between left and right channels.

Fractional Scaling

Operator output level Scaling can now be programmed individually for each group of three keys, giving the user natural keyboard control over timbre and volume.

Pitch Bend

Pitch Bend can be programmed so as to affect only the lowest or highest note of a chord, or notes played, but not their sustained sound. In addition, pitch bend effects can be controlled by aftertouch or breath controller.

Performance Memories

Save favorite voice combinations along with pan and various control settings in special “Performance” memory.

Glissando Pitch

With the Portamento Step parameter, Glissando Pitch stepping can be regulated from 1 semitone to 1 octave.

Storage of Voices and Performance Data Groups

Store 64 voices and 32 “Performance Data Groups” each in the internal memory and optional RAM cartridge memories for hundreds of voice combinations.

Micro Tuning

Micro Tuning gives the user the possibility of “tempering” the instruments in any conceivable way. Preset tuning variations include Equal, Pure (C major, A minor) and Mean Tone temperaments.